Rent to Own
A Great Opportunity to Own Your Home

For many people, the process of buying a house called "rent-to-own" is the best way for them to acquire a home. Basically, a person will pay "rent" to live in the home. After a certain length of time stipulated in the contract, he will have the option to buy it. Each month, a portion of the rent will be set aside for a down-payment that can be applied to the purchase.
I have excellent opportunity for Rent to own projects –both, Brand-new and Resale.
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I have helped a number of first time buyers by finding them affordable homes, getting them best suited mortgages and helping them save as much money as possible. I know that as a young person or as a new immigrant or in difficult life situation, the dream of owing a home does not materialize. That is where the role of an experienced agent comes in.

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